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Anti-wear Protective Surface Coatings

SPC solid-lubicant

SPC Solid Lubricant for all Wheel / Rail related Equipment


SPC, our long-lasting, dry solid-lubricant.  Extremely thin, non-migrating coating creates the optimum and permanent coefficient of friction (c.o.f.) between two surfaces.  Reduces metal surface wear by 50-80% and extends the life of metal parts (wheels/rollers, etc.) by minimum 3-5 times.   SPC out-performs conventional greases and oils in dusty environments.  Easy to install and maintenance-free.


Applications:  cranes, rail-mounted conveying and warehousing systems, rotating dryers & furnaces, railway vehicles.


T-type coatings create a very low c.o.f., resulting in a slippery, sliding effect. 


M-type coatings provide enhanced traction where it is needed on wheel treads (i.e., crane drive wheels) and rail heads, preventing the slip-stick effect and lateral wheel migration. 


SPC Applications:  crane wheels / rails and other rail-mounted conveying and warehousing systems, rotating dryers, furnaces and kilns, railway vehicles.


We provide products in standard sizes for most applications, as well as custom-designed solutions to fit any application surfaces.


Contact us and let us recommend the most effective SPC products for maximum surface protection.



GLB Graphite Solid Lubricant Blocks for Rotating Furnaces/Kilns Support Rollers


Our special and effective solid lubricants GLB plates or blocks for use on trunnions / support rollers and stop rollers of rotating horizontal kilns and dryers.  Graphite blocks provide lubrication between the trunnion or support roller and the "tire" or riding ring.


GLB consists of high quality graphite with excellent coating characteristics and high temperature resistance GLB applies a homogeneous lubricant film to metal surfaces to protect against excessive wear.


GLB blocks are supplied in various lengths, widths and thicknesses to fit into the frames already mounted onto the support rollers.   For first-time applications of graphite blocks, we can also supply sturdy metal frames for mounting the blocks to the roller surfaces.